Art of seth



I’ve been creating visual art for the last 10 years. Originally from Michigan, I live in and work in Thomas, WV, a place of compelling, if not incomparable magic. There, i co-own The White Room where i show work with other regional artist and friends. I also keep a personal showspace down the street from there named “Creature” which acts as a studio, gallery and imaginarium for my work.

I’m self taught, didn’t go to art school and never really thought of myself as a visual artist until about 10 years ago when i realized it was the way i was spending most of my free time. This is an important part of the story for me because i grew up believing that i couldn’t draw or paint and that i wasn’t a visual artist at all. It wasn’t until i stopped trying to make any particular kind of art and just made work that i related to, that i began to feel confident in my process. I feel lucky that i could have faith in my early work (which was literally populated by stick men) and that i kept doing it for the joy of creation rather than being discouraged that i wasn’t technically skilled. A lot of times, that stuff follows after but the most important thing to me has always been that i enjoy the process.

 Cards $6     5x7 $15     8x10 $25     11x14 $35 

Artwork on the Run


Craig Peterson was born and raised in western PA where he still resides today. He creates most of his work in his studio at his apartment. Art is his passion, but trail running is his inspiration. Most of his work is related to the outdoors. Traveling has opened up his world and has helped his artwork grow. He has always been interested in art, but never planned on being a full-time artist. In 2012 he made his mom a gift that was paper stained with coffee and the words Live Laugh Love written in calligraphy. This was the first piece of coffee art he created, but certainly not his last. In 2013 he started selling his work to friends and then at local craft shows. Every year since he has created new work and has been selling all over the US. He now sells at about 30 art events throughout the year and has driven as far as Colorado to sell his work. 

Framed originals $125      Prints $25    Coasters $10

Passion: an Art collective