Private Practice

Individual Yoga Sessions


A fist timer, looking for a brake down of basic instruction.

A practiced pro, wanting more specific alignment ques.

An athlete, in need of an individually designed routine to stretch what you typically strengthen. 

Everyone can benefit from this.

$1 per minute/ 30 minute minimum

Personalized Meditation


This meditation is yours. It is designed around your needs and what your aim to improve upon. Less stress, mindful eating, pain management, a more restful sleep, transforming anger, navigating change, finding focus.... and many more. 

$1 per minute, 30 minute minimum 

Couples or Special Parties


This is a great way to introduce a friend or loved one to a mindful practice. Add on to a couples massage for a relaxing date night. Schedule a group class with friends for special event. 

$1 per minute + $10 per additional person, 30 minute minimum 

Massage Add-On


 "Often, clients come seeking relief for a specific issue. While they're on the table, I get asked "Is there anything I can do on my own to relieve the pain?". I always explain specific stretches to help with their personal aches and pains as best I can, but I've found a more efficient way to help is by guiding the client into poses. This is why we offer this specific service as an add-on. After your massage is complete, move onto the mat for a one on one explanation of which poses can give relief and help stretch or strengthen the muscles causing pain. Receive alignment ques and modifications to get your body into the best position for you." - Leah Staley  

$1 per minute, 15 minute minimum

Private Therapeutic Yoga (ages 6 to adult)


Join Jenny Dayton, E-RYT for a personally unique practice designed to address mental, emotional and physical imbalances as all are connected. Jenny holds advanced certification in Therapeutic yoga for children and families. She is also a doTERRA essential oils Wellness Advocate and is AromaTouch Certified. Her mission is to help all ages heal and cope with various conditions naturally through customized therapeutic yoga practices and aromatherapy.

 If you would like to book a services with Jenny contact her directly at 724-550-3661 or email