CBD oil Massage


How it works

 CBD oil has been found to help reduce blood pressure, alleviate stress and speed up the recovery of muscles that have experienced injury or overuse. By applying CBD topicals directly to the affected areas, the cannabinoid's natural anti-inflammatory effects can help to reduce the inflammation and therefore relieve any discomfort being experienced due to sore muscles. CBD Works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating sleep, memory, pain and immune function. Cannabinoids that are naturally produced in the body interact with this system to influence these factors, and CBD (a cannabinoid itself) can also interact with the endocannabinoid system to induce similar effects. While CBD is derived from the hemp plant, it does not bind the two cannabinoid receptors, meaning that it has zero psychoactive properties. CBD offers a wealth of benefits without any mind-altering effects and does not show up on any drug test.  

Massage package

 Full body massage with CBD oil and hot stones focused on specific areas of tension, ending with a 30 minute sauna session $110 

Add on to your regular service

Add a blend of CBD and menthol to your massage oil for a deep sense of full body relaxation 


CBD infused healing salve spot treatment to specific areas of tension to promote circulation and deep muscle release.



This special will run from Thursday, April 25th (right before the summit challenge) to Thursday, June 13th (right after the Laurel Highlands Ultra)

I joined my high school cross country team as a freshman, not because running was my passion, but because I have zero hand eye coordination (seriously, none!) and wanted to be involved in sports. It was on that team that I learned basic knowledge such as proper form, how to pace and how to kick (sprint in the last 400-100 meters of the race). As I graduated high school, started to pursue my career in massage therapy, tried to figure out how to be an adult (mmh still working on this) and dealt with the struggle of coping with trauma through substances, I fell out of running. At age 22, only a few weeks into my new found sobriety, I had my first panic attack. Unsure of how to release tension in my chest that was about to explode, I put on my running shoes and walked out the door at 9pm. That night was the first time I ran after dark, the first time I ran 12 miles and the first time I felt the wind, that I was creating through quick feet, slough off the tiny particles of anxiety that had imbedded themselves in my skin. As I ran that night, my shoulders squared up with my hips, my bent arms moved parallel to one another, my feet rolled from heel, to ball, and back again, and as the miles eased by, I felt my stride open. My body moved back into the proper form in learned eight years prior. Since that night I have ran by myself, with groups of amazing women (thank you to Brynn Cunningham for starting the trail run tribe) and in multiple races. I am eternally grateful, not just to have found my love for running, but to share a connection with those who loves it just as much.

As we enter into race season and our training increases, I urge all of my running lovers to invest in themselves and the wellbeing of their body. Regular massage, along with stretching and hydration, is one of the best ways to prevent injury, improve training and shorten recovery time.

As a way of giving back to all that running and the community has given me, OmBody is offering a free sauna to anyone that comes in with a pre-race registration, bib, metal or proof of participation. Furthermore, I am also offering 15% off my specialty, athletic massage, to anyone with proof of race registration or participation. This special will run from Thursday, April 25th (right before the summit challenge) to Thursday, June 13th (right after the Laurel Highlands Ultra).

Go fast. Take chances. Have fun!
Leah Staley, Co-Owner

A Note About Thai Massage


What it is

 Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing system combining acupressure and assisted yoga postures. This practice is done fully clothed, on a floor mat and uses no oils or lotions. You will be positioned in a variety of restorative yoga-like positions during the course of the massage while your body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked in deep static and rhythmic pressures. 

How it works

 Rather than forcing your own body into active yoga stretches, Thai massage allows you to be relaxed and comfortable while you are passively stretched. This simple act allows your muscles to be coaxed into a healthier state of being. Passive stretching is especially helpful for tight muscles in your hips and gluteals, which is the most common cause of low back pain.  

Who it's for

 Everyone experiences low back pain at some point. Further than that, most people experience upper back pain, due to tight chest muscles. Hip or knee pain, due to an imbalance in ankle strength. Neck pain, due to tensed shoulders. Everyone experiences pain due to tight, stiff muscles and a lack of ROM (range of motion) which is exactly what thai massage was designed to fight.  

Where you can find it

  There are very few massage therapists in the Uniontown area that are trained in Thai massage, and even fewer who routinely practice it. Here at OmBody, not only is Thai massage Leann Beatty’s specialty, it’s her favorite service to give. Because of this; she has created a specific space in our studio where her thai mat lives. If you’re looking for relief and interested in thai massage, Leann is available Monday-Wednesday & Friday 10-4. 

AromaTouch & more with Jenny Dayton, e-ryt

Jenny  offers weekly yoga classes at OMBody as well as therapeutic services by appointment.  Jenny holds advanced certification in Therapeutic yoga for children and families. She is also a doTERRA essential oils Wellness Advocate and is AromaTouch Certified.

 If you would like to book one of the following services with Jenny contact her directly at 724-550-3661 or email mountainyogashala@gmail.com.  Jenny's mission is to help all ages heal and cope with various conditions naturally through customized therapeutic yoga practices and aromatherapy. 


Services by appointment:

Private therapeutic yoga for groups or individuals (ages 6 to adult) - A phone consultation is required prior to booking an appointment to assess the needs of the client(s). These sessions are designed to address mental, emotional and physical imbalances as all are connected. 

*AromaTouch Technique -a simple, yet powerful way to provide every individual with an essential oil experience and overall wellness...the technique combines gentle touch with a specific set of oils applied to the head, back and feet to restore balance in the body. Plan for 1 hour in the massage room. Drink plenty of water before and after the session as the oils have naturally detoxifying properties)

*AromaTouch can be combined with private therapeutic yoga as add-on service.

Essential oils parties, classes and workshops-if you have a desire to learn about the health benefits of essential oils, make and take natural products for the home or body or are simply looking for something unique and fun to do, book a doTERRA event with Jenny at OmBody!   

Pricing for all individual one hour services are $60 per hour. 

Pricing varies for parties, special events and group sessions (Call for pricing).